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Tuesday 15 August 2023

Barrow School

Our Worship Wardens came armed with plans and drawings for how they would like to create a 'Prayer Garden' as a quiet oasis in the grounds where children could go and relax and pray with their friends. They have been busy planting and developing this space and we are delighted with how it looks!

We have also created a 'Sensory Garden' next to the prayer garden. This space has been created by SEND children and their families.

Thanks to the kind donations from the church along with grant money, we have created a seating area and 'taste me, feel me, look at me and smell me' planters.

Our strawberries have started to grow and the children are enjoying watering and tending to the garden. It is a firm favourite space for our school dog, Ludo.

We would all like to express our thanks to the URC for the donation of seeds and vegetable plants for this area.