Life Events

Weddings, christenings, baptisms, funerals and services of remembrance

Your Life Events

There are events in life that you may wish to hold within the sanctity of a christian church, where, with the blessing of God, we can be at one with him and continue our journey of faith. Whether it's getting married to your soul-mate, the christening of your child or even celebrating the life of those who have sadly departed us on this earthly plain and are now with God.

We can provide the following services to you and work with you to accommodate your ideas or family wishes for the service required.




Weddings are such a joyous occasion in life where everyone can get together to celebrate the loving union of two souls, blessed in the presence of God and shared with our nearest and dearest.

If you are interested in holding your wedding at our church, do get in touch and perhaps take a look at some of the "frequently asked questions" below to help you start thinking things through.

We can discuss your prospective dates for availability and also understand your initial requirements for the wedding service.

Wedding Questions

How many guests can be sat in the church?

The church can hold up to a maximum of 200 guests on the main level, including the balcony area.

What legalities need to be completed to be married at our church?

You will need to make an appointment with your local Town Hall in order to give notice of your intent to marry. They will need at least 28 days notice to complete their requirements so it’s recommended to allow extra time if possible. They will raise a notice of the impending marriage which needs to be displayed in the Registry Office for a full 28 days. This is also known as Banns (meaning proclamation). Once the timeframe has been completed they will issue you a form which should be given to our Minister to complete formalities.

For further details on the legal requirements for getting married in Clitheroe: Lancashire Gov UK - Your Perfect Day

Can you accommodate requirements for an organist, perhaps live music, quartet or piano?

We have the flexibility to accommodate most music needs at our church. We have a wonderful organ and organist at the church, which can be used or perhaps some music pieces on CD can be used for the Wedding March or perhaps playing background music whilst waiting for everyone to take their place. We do also have the space for live music (for example harp or quartet) depending on your requirements.

Will there be a Registrar present and how many people sign the Register?

No a separate registrar isn't needed as we have approved persons to preside over the ceremony and reside over the completion of the wedding register and counter signature.
The Register is signed by the couple being married and two witnesses.

Are photographers and videographers granted access to cover the wedding?

We work with your photographer or videographer that is covering your special day and only ask they are just as considerate to our needs as we are with their needs, so the service can be a success and capture your special day.

How do we ensure the Florist has access to set up their arrangements on the day?

As part of the planning phase for your special day, we can provide you with a contact name from the church who you can give to your florist to set arrangements for example, making sure the Florist has access to the church to set up the arrangements using the church designated parking space to make it easier.

Are there any rehearsals and walk-throughs?

Once all arrangements are finalised for your special day, we can, if you require it, hold a walk-through with everyone so they understand their parts on the big day. This is usually held in the immediate days prior to the big day but is optional and subject to key personnel being available.



Baptisms / Christenings

Christenings for Children

Christenings services are usually held as part of the Sunday main Service.

With the support of the church, you and the godparents, your child begins their amazing journey of faith.

Adult Baptisms

If you were not baptised as a child you may be deciding now as an adult to make this commitment.

Baptisms mark the beginning of a journey with God, which continues for the rest of our lives.



Funerals and Services of Remembrance

We would like to be of help in any way for those who are bereaved.

We can conduct a funeral service for you whether or not you or your family are regular worshippers. A church funeral can be followed by either burial or cremation and we can work with you plan the service in accordance to your family wishes.

Amidst the grief and loss we may feel, a funeral gives us the opportunity for giving thanks and to celebrate the life of the person who has died.

If you are in need of our help to plan a service do get in touch.